I love surfing as much as I adore wine, but I think if I only had one choice in life between the two, I’d pick surfing. It’s a magical sport and to many, a religion and way of life.

I first learned to surf when I spent a summer abroad in Costa Rica during college. I had ALWAYS wanted to learn and was already an athlete my whole life, so it came rather naturally to me. I was hooked, but I had to go back to school and get that whole degree thing. It wasn’t until 2011 when my career in wine moved me to San Francisco, CA where I picked it up again. Not many people think of SF as a place to surf because well, it’s a foggy and cold environment combined with pretty raw and heavy waves. But that didn’t stop me, and I hear now there is an even much larger surfing community. Since moving to San Diego, it’s a surfer’s paradise and I’m able to surf almost every day and ride my entire quiver of various boards.

There are many correlations between surfing and wine. The one that stands out the most is passion. True surfers are fueled by the ocean and waves, and it’s almost an addiction with how often we go. Same goes for artisanal wine makers; they are fueled by the vines, managing their grapes, and honing in on their craft to make the best wines their heart can produce. Each wave is different, just like each wine is different. Surfers dream of the best surf vacations, and wine enthusiasts dream of the ultimate wine tasting adventures. For those like me, I try to combine both. In 2013 I went to see a film called, Bella Vita. All I knew was that Chris Del Moro was in it and that he went to Italy to surf. Less than halfway in the movie I was in tears because there he was, in Tuscany meeting and surfing with a friend that owns a winery. It was very special to me and certainly struck a chord with Chris and his buddies. I never tire of watching it.

I’ll share more surfing stories and even review and recommend products. If you follow my blog, it tends to have a share of culinary recipes. Most are very healthy, just how I also like my wines and waves!

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